German Vehicles

German vehicles were quite fearful, but iconic, for the Germans were one of the main axis powers during WWII that pushed on the offensive aggressively whenever they had the chance. They didn't mass produce their vehicles like the Americans, however. For every armored vehicle, they inspected every little detail and they had to be improved or refined before the vehicles could start their service in the war. For this reason, they didn't have as many "Panzers" as the American "Shermans", but facing one alone is indeed a death wish. They favored mounting 20mm autocannons on their fighter planes whenever they could, just as most other countries did. Unlike the British .303cals on their hurricanes, the Fockewulf 190 A series is a prime example of mid WWII fighters that they had, and when 4 20-mm combines with 12.7mm, the German planes really had a large arsenal in battle. Some early dive bombers such as the JU-87/88 already could carry 500-1000kg bombs!

Here are some iconic German vehicles*:

Of course, the 2 manufactured Maus never entered service, for they were bombed by the US planes in their factory. Imagine how fearsome they would have been if the American cats didn't shut down the mice!

*fun fact, many German tanks were given animal names, such as "VK16.02 Leopard", "Luchs" (Lynx), and "Panzer VII Löwe"(Lion)*